Diesel Particulate

At Incar Power we specialise in all areas of vehicle ECU remapping and tuning this includes DFP deletion and DPF removal software services. DPF delete and removal may be subject to regional and international legislation, whilst Incar Power can supply DPF deletion and DPF removal software, it is imperative that you check the legislation and legal requirements for DPF filters and DPF software where you are based if you intend to use your vehicle on the road after DPF removal.


To complement our extensive performance, economy and C02 reduction tuning, Incar Power also offer a range of Diesel Particulate Filter, FAP and O2 delete services.

All Incar Power vehicle ecu remapping and diesel tuning software is researched and developed in house at our technical academy and research centre, this includes our full DPF deletion service. DPF delete tuning and ecu remapping is available for most diesel engines and DPF systems.

Incar Power’s DPF delete and removal software and services can easily be combined with ECU remapping programs too, because our software is custom and written in house, we can combine your DPF software with other tuning services, this can include, high performance tuning and remapping, or our award winning BlueOptimize fuel economy tuning and fuel saving remapping.

In its standard form a vehicles Diesel Particulate Filter, (DPF) or tdi dpf cycle can be troublesome for a number of reasons, to reduce driver inconvenience and costly repairs Incar Power can tune, remove or delete DPF function allowing for improved reliability, servicing and performance.

Here is just a sample of the vehicles where Diesel Particulate Filters or tdi dpf’s that can be removed with our DPF delete software and ecu remaps.

  • Alfa Romeo = EDC16 – EDC17
  • Audi = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Audi dpf
  • BMW = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
  • Chevvy/Chevrolet = EDC16 – EDC17 dpt
  • Citroen = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x dpf
  • Fiat = EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
  • Ford = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Ford tdi dpf
  • Honda = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
  • Hyundai = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
  • Jaguar = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
  • Kia = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
  • Lancia = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
  • Mazda – EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
  • Mercedes = EDC16 – EDC17
  • Mini = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
  • Nissan = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
  • Opel = EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
  • Peugeot = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
  • Renault = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
  • SAAB = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
  • Seat = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
  • Skoda = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
  • Suzuki = EDC16 tdi dpf
  • VAG = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
  • Volvo = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
  • VW = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD (VW dpf)

Almost all diesel engine vehicles can have their DPF deleted and removed (subject to legislation) we have fitting and tuning centres around the world ready to assist you. If you don’t see your diesel vehicle listed, please mail us.

If you would like further information on Diesel Particulate Filter delete software (DPF removal) tuning or other Incar Power tuning services please contact us: